14-Year-Old Amateur Guitarist from Furlong Is Picked Out of the Concert Crowd to Play with Green Day


Not many 14-year-old novice guitarists can claim playing at Citizens Bank Park. But thanks to a chance invitation from Green Day, Brynn Kremer can. Amanda VanAllen and Nick Foley covered her experience for PHL17.

Kremer, from Furlong, attended the Green Day concert with her dad, whose purchase of pit tickets put them close to the stage. They both brought signs: Brynn’s said “It’s My First Rock Show,” and dad’s read “She’s 14 And Plays Guitar.”

The Green Day setlist was familiar. Kremer knew that after the song “Minority,” the next in line was “Knowledge,” the band’s traditional spot for an audience guitarist.

The father/daughter team waved their signs and caught the attention of lead guitarist Billy Jo Armstrong.

He invited Kremer onstage, reviewed a few chords, and set her loose.

“As I was walking up, I was trying to process everything,” Kremer said. “All of a sudden, I was holding the guitar and playing it.

“I realized I was in front of all these people, but that didn’t seem to bother me much. I was like ‘All right, now I’m just playing this song.’ It was like, woah.”

In addition to the thrill, Kremer walked away with a unique memento: her concert guitar, signed by Green Day’s members.

“It was really cool to do something with music,” Kremer concluded.

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