Clothier-Gourmand Zac Posen Talks ‘Bucks County Blueberry Pie’ to Esquire Mag, And Includes Recipe

Sac Posen Bucks County Blueberry Pie
Images via FotoValise at Creative Commons and Zac Posen at Esquire.
Zac Posen and his Bucks County Blueberry Pies.

Zac Posen, onetime Project Runway host, has a sweet spot for textiles and patterns. But he’s also got a sweet tooth, as reporter Justin Kirkland found out during an intercontinental interview for Esquire.

The reporter and the reality television host connected in an unique way during their New York/Paris phone interview.

In the days leading up to the call, Posen sent Kirkland the recipe for a favorite summery treat. His instructions were for the journalist to craft the dessert so that the two could nosh together while they chatted.

The step-by-step culinary instructions were for something Posen referred to as Bucks County Blueberry Pie.

Posen developed the creation himself.

It came by way of “…trial and error and experience and making a lot of pies,” Posen said.

One unique ingredient is potato starch. Posen discovered that it “…creates, once it cools, a really amazing texture. It’s a little bit more refined than a corn starch [thickener].”

Posen learned the value of fresh ingredients — including, presumably, blueberries — from the Bucks County farm on which his parents live. He learned his culinary skills as a child in SoHo. His father, an interior painter by trade, was the Posen family chef.

As to why Posen decided to share a blueberry pie with a journalist?

“Because there’s just nothing better,” he explained. “I mean, who doesn’t love a blueberry pie?”

More on Posen’s dual skills with fashion and food is in Esquire.

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