Author-Actress Candace Bucknell, Excited About Her BCP Opening, Shares How Her ‘Sex’ Life Evolved

Candace Bushnell Sex in the City Bucks County Playhouse
Image via Authors Night at Creative Commons.

On the cusp of its June 22 Bucks County opening, Is There Still Sex in the City‘s Candace Bushnell shared its backstory with Chloe Rabinowitz of Broadway World

Bushnell found the author-to-performer transition relatively smooth. “I was always in little plays in high school,” she said. “I used to do a lot of lectures. I’ve done a lot of public speaking.” 

The Bucks County Playhouse atmosphere has been welcoming and friendly. “It’s a very different experience than TV,” Bushnell characterizes. “This feels very immediate, on your feet. I love the idea of having an audience. It’s very intimate; you feel like, ‘I’m here with 400 of my friends.’” 

After the run in New Hope, Bushnell hopes for a possible spot for the show Off Broadway. 

“Well, it’s about New York,” she says. “It just feels like now is the time when people want to be off their screens. People have kind of had their fill of screens. I feel like people want something live; they want something communal when they’re with other people. 

“People have been lonely during this pandemic. I feel like this is something that you come to with your girlfriends. And you have a night of it. And you have some laughs.” 

More from writer-performer Bushnell — and Sex in the City in all its iterations — is at Broadway World. 

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