Pandemic-Driven Increase in Home-Improvement Projects Keeps Local Lumber Suppliers Busier Than Ever

Peter Lumber New Garden Township
Image via Daniel Whitman, Creative Commons.

High demand is keeping family-owned Peter Lumber Company and its yard in New Garden Township busier than ever, writes Jen Samuel for the Daily Local News.

“We are busier as far as delivery, store traffic — the whole nine yards right across the board,” said John Hood, a branch manager at Peter Lumber Company.

The South Jersey-based company offers fine-quality U.S. lumber, along with rare imports. The majority of its customers are contractors with around a quarter being homeowners.

Prices are currently as much as 280 percent higher than pre-pandemic levels. Hood believes they will begin easing off this fall — without crashing, he hopes.

The situation is similar across the industry. Homeowner investments in new decks, patios, gardens, and other landscaping options have resulted in something of a construction boom. The pace should ensure that there will be no drop in demand anytime soon.

“Our industry will continue to stay busy,” said Eric Schmidt, president and owner of Service Wholesale Incorporated in Downingtown. “It’s been busy for the last 20 years. It will stay busy.”

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