Pennsbury High School — Recognized by USA Today for its Over-the-Top Senior Prom — Gives it a Go for 2021

Pennsbury High School Prom
Image via WBCB News.
Rapper Desiigner performs at the 2019 edition of Pennsbury Prom Night.

There are high-school senior proms. 

And then there’s the Pennsbury High School senior prom. 

It’s been nationally recognized for its scope, a glam event of parades, floats, fans, stars, set pieces, red-carpet entrances and alumni. 

After being unplugged last year by COVID-19, it’s on its way back on June 5, albeit revised. 

“We have met with multiple groups of students, including our large Prom Committee, to gather their ideas on how this could be a really exciting night that takes into account all proper health and safety precautions,” said PHS East Principal Reggie Meadows. 

Organizers are banking on good weather to enable shifting prom components outside. A tent will cover the catered dinner. And Falcon Field is on tap for carnival-style games, music and refreshments. The crowning of the 2021 Prom King and Queen will take place there, too. 

“We hope to record, live-stream and post as much of the event as we can so that family members and friends who are unable to come as spectators can enjoy this year’s Senior Prom as much as possible,” said Meadows. 

The school sent special invitations to the Class of 2020 seniors; pandemic concerns cancelled it. More than 100 of them plan to return to campus as Senior Prom as guests of the Class of 2021. 

Additional details on the 2021 Senior Prom are available at PHS

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