Pat Croce Is a Changed Man, Still Frenzied, but on a Peaceful Journey of Self-Discovery


Pat Croce is a bit more reclusive now than he was 20 years ago when the former Philadelphia 76ers owner got to follow his team to the NBA Finals, reports Jamie Apody for

The fiery, passionate man is facing different challenges these days.

“At the end of last year it wasn’t COVID that touched me, it was T-cell lymphoma that touched me,” said Croce.

“I believe I was graced with cancer, it wasn’t a curse,” he says.

Croce is partnering with the American Cancer Society to promote HEALED (Health and Energy through Active Living Every Day).

In a month’s time he’s helped raise $1.7 million.

Croce’s been on a mission of self-discovery since turning 60, studying mindfulness and introspection. He spends his time these days in tranquility at a 53-acre retreat he calls “meditation hill.”

“So know this, that frenzied wheel I was on, I still enjoy being on it but I keep one foot on the peaceful hub.”

Today’s Pat Croce has a love for woodworking. He built his own log cabin and carved a mile and half long zen path through the woods.

Visit  to learn more about HEALED and Jim Croce’s life today.

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