New York Times: Bucks County’s COVID-19 Vaccination Rate Has Shot Slightly Ahead of the Statewide Average

Image via Providence of British Columbia at Creative Commons

Bucks County has moved ahead of the Pennsylvania average in its share of fully vaccinated residents, according to The New York Times

The data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that as of April 5, Bucks County had fully vaccinated 19 percent of its entire population. This is slightly above the state average of 18.9 percent and is in line with the national average of 19 percent. 

Bucks County’s rate is also above that of neighboring Montgomery County, which is currently around 18 percent. 

In the adults 18 or older category, 22 percent of county residents are fully vaccinated. And while this is below the national average of 23.2 percent, it is above Montgomery County’s 21 percent. 

The 65+ demographic of residents is proving a bit more challenging in Bucks County’s vaccination efforts. The local seniors’ rate, 41 percent, lags the national average of 54.9 percent but outpaces Montgomery County average of just 39 percent. 

Read more about the vaccine rollout in The New York Times

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