Tech Tips With Margaret: Microsoft is Reimagining the Employee Experience with Viva


Companies have not been able to avoid the fact that the pandemic has required a shift in how employees operate. Sure, work continues to get done, but many workers are feeling disconnected, burnt out, and just frustrated trying to juggle the mingling of their home and job.

Microsoft is already a trusted source for helping to mitigate these problems thanks to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. However, they are now taking it a step further with Viva.

The Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, Jared Spataro, recently elaborated on the usefulness of this new tool and its four-pronged approach to helping to better unite teams.


Viva Connections helps consolidate the workplace in a hub-like fashion that shows your company’s latest news, policies, and events. It’s so easy to feel scattered needing to suddenly access so many different apps and sites to stay on top of what’s going on at work.

Connections tries to bring back some of the normalcy of the office by giving you quick access to the latest updates going on with your organization. Connections is about making sure employees are always aware of the company resources at their disposal.


Insights give data-driven information on how to better manage your time. This can be used to analyze work trends in your business to best determine if there is a time when productivity is slipping and if the solution to that could be as simple as giving people a break to decompress.

This helps provide a routine that people can stick to rather than just leaving everyone to worry about their own stress and emotional health. Stressed-out workers are going to be less efficient workers, so employees getting that reminder to recharge might be what they need.


No employee wants to become stagnant in their knowledge, which is why Viva Learning facilitates employees and managers being able to share training courses with each other.

This part of Viva can recommend modules to help employees keep up to date in their specialties. This has the mutual benefit of someone better equipped to help the company and helping employees know they are advancing in their skills.


This part of Viva automatically compiles information related to your company to provide clarity immediately rather than an employee needing to search on their own.

An example of this would be simply allowing an employee to hover their cursor over an unfamiliar business word which will bring up examples and the definition of it.

Similar situations can also bring up related documents, videos, and other information that can help elaborate for an employee who might need answers.

Viva is yet another tool from Microsoft to help simplify the workday, especially for those who have had to grow used to the experience of working remotely.

To learn more about Microsoft Viva make sure to read further on Microsoft’s site here.


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