Career Corner: ‘Future Proofing’ Your Career

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As technology advances it is a legitimate concern for many workers if new technology could make certain jobs obsolete.

Nobody wants the career they’ve invested in to fade away, so a lot of people wonder what they can do to maintain their workplace value and sustain their career.

Forbes contributor Bryan Robinson recently discussed this, using data from MindEdge’s fourth annual national Future of Work study: The New Frontier of the American Workplace. The study surveyed 830 managers in the U.S. to illuminate some interesting findings.

Prepare for COVID Reducing Jobs for People

One unfortunate reality is that a lot of companies did cut workers to save on money and that many of those jobs were replaced by automated services.

40% of the managers in the survey reported workers had lost jobs at their company after COVID started due to new technology being introduced, and 33% admitted this was done to cut costs.

Furthermore, that same survey said that 53% of the respondents were reporting their employees felt worried about their job security.

Skills that Set Humans Apart

It might sound easy to become jaded and assume no career is safe from being replaced by automation, but employers in the survey did not agree. In fact, they listed many traits that machines and computers can’t compete in.

33% named creative thinking as such a quality, 27% named communication, and 26% named network security, to name a few.

The unifying theme seemed to be traits that require complex thought were recognized as an area where humans were not replaceable.

Safeguarding Your Career Against the Future

63% of managers in the survey reported having to reduce their number of employees thanks to COVID. Unfortunately, some did not expect that number to rebound even after COVID, but instead said they believed retraining existing employees would be the new way to compensate for that lost workforce.

Not all companies can offer that professional development, though. 32% of the managers pointed to limited resources as an impediment to offering training. In such cases, it may be up to employees to seek out training on their own. 

That may sound daunting, but institutions like Wilmington University actually offer degree and certificate programs that can be completed fully virtually. If you’re concerned about your skills not being valued, you can take the training into your own hands to develop skills to keep you a priority for the future.

Nobody ever wants to be told their service is no longer needed, but a key to avoiding that may be in recognizing the necessity of continually developing new skills.

For more strategies on what you can do to ensure a strong future in your career, read Forbes’ article by clicking here.


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