Career Corner: New Job? Strategies for Negotiating and Countering Their Offer

By Chris Isaac

It’s always exciting to find out you’ve been selected as the best candidate for a position, but that process is a two-way street.  The job needs to be right for you too. So before agreeing to start at a company, it’s always wise to ensure you’re getting a deal commensurate with your experience.

Deborah Acosta of the Wall Street Journal reports that a great first step in that goal is to research the typical salary for your role. You don’t want to get your hopes up about a new job only to later learn your salary is way below average.

It’s not just about the weekly pay, though. The benefits you’re given can go a long way towards swaying your decision. Make sure you’re clear on details like what the company insurance plan covers, when it goes into effect, and how much leave you get.

Acosta also recommends being forthright with what you want. If the salary and the schedule are both sticking points you don’t want to put time into resolving one issue and then spring a new one on the hiring manager. Be clear in your expectations, and be willing to explain how you’ve arrived at your requests.

Even in the face-to-face negotiations you want to back up your statements with facts rather than feelings. It’s much more compelling to explain that you’ve researched the other top companies in

the area and are basing your expectations on that rather than hoping charm or ultimatums will get you what you want.

Know the facts about what your profession is typically offered beforehand, so that when the big offer finally comes, you have a firm base for gauging how highly the company is appraising you.

If you want further advice for negotiating during a job offer, read the Wall Street Journal’s article by clicking here.


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