The ‘US Explained’ Video Series Profiles Pennsylvania


In its Pennsylvania installment, The US Explained video series by That Is Interesting looked at the Keystone State’s history, geography, and culture and found it to be one of the most fascinating states in the nation.

The nickname is also tied to the state’s historical significance since both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were signed in Philadelphia.

Another interesting fact about the state is that it is officially called the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which is a traditional term that emphasizes the state is a community.

Pennsylvania is also one of the states with a flourishing Amish community, especially in nearby Lancaster County. The Amish maintain a more traditional way of life, choosing to forego using modern technologies and focus more on a rural lifestyle that involves impressive community projects such as barn raisings.

The state also has a unique rivalry between two local convenience stores, Sheetz and Wawa, each of which has an incredibly loyal following.

Watch the entire video on YouTube by clicking here.

Or if you want to know more about New Jersey, the fourth-smallest but most densely packed state in the union, watch That is Interesting’s New Jersey overview below.

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