Scavenger Hunt in New Hope Leads to Proposal, Happy Marriage for Nearby Couple

Image via The Philadelphia Inquirer.
The couple reconnect through a fun event in the Bucks County area.

A couple from outside of the Bucks County area is connecting a fun experience in a local town to their blossoming marriage. Kellie Patrick Gates wrote about the couple for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Amanda Farrell and Alex Grabbe first fell for each other in seventh grade, but after a year, their romance fizzled. They remained friends and by their sophomore year at Washington Township High School, they started dating again. But within a year they had separated.

After both graduating from college, they returned to Washington Township. In 2018, the two picked up right where they left off – this time for good.

In April 2021, Grabbe knew it was the right time to pop the question. He used AmazingCo to prepare a mystery picnic scavenger hunt in New Hope. He asked them to tell him where the hunt ended – the picnic location – so he could send a friend with a camera to wait for them there.

He was so nervous that he continued drinking throughout the game, prompting Farrell to ask him if he was okay.

In turn, he knelt and asked, “Will you marry me?”

The couple soon got married and bought a house together. While they would both love to travel, they have a more important priority.

 “Kids are next on the list,” said Farrell.

Read more about the couple in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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