Right Outside of Bucks County, This Nearby Town is Considered One of the Most Beautiful Spots in New Jersey

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The town is know for its quaint setting and fun atmosphere.

A town just outside of Bucks County has become known as one of the most fun and interesting areas in the state of New Jersey. Marie Bou Ink wrote about the area for The Travel.

Much like nearby Lambertville, Frenchtown has become known as a small town just outside of Bucks County that is full of small shops, restaurants, and cozy atmosphere.

For those who are looking for a new spot just outside of their home area, Frenchtown serves as a great place to kick back and relax while going out of state.

The area is known as a great place for those who love the outdoors. With plenty of trails going along the Delaware River, it is a great area to travel by bike, walking, running, or simply hiking.

For those looking for something new to add to their calendar, this area has you covered. Come May, there is a Wine & Art event held in the town. July sees locals and visitors making a celebration of Bastille Day. September sees the famous River Fest held, an event that people from all over come to enjoy.

Learn more about Frenchtown at The Travel.

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