General Recreation: The New Shape of Play– Hedra

Kids playing on Hedra playground equiment
Image via General Recreation

Play is the universal language of fun, collaboration, and growth. It’s the key to helping kids become better adults.

So kids’ play structures need to amaze and inspire, challenge and empower, and promote empathy and pride.

Play structures like the Hedra give children every opportunity to play from every angle.

Hedra™ for children ages 5 to 12 provides a world where the next move is always the right one, where kids can safely navigate based on their own intuition and curiosity.

These tessellated shapes create playful pods that link together, forming an interconnected matrix of three-dimensional play.

With Hedra, kids can invent and reinvent routes, games, and imaginary environments and accomplish personal bests.

These pre-configured play structures offer endless combinations of interconnected, age-appropriate experiences.

This type of wayfinding encourages improvisation, sparking cognitive and imaginative exploration.

One day kids may find themselves climbing through a treehouse in the jungle, the next day playing three-dimensional tag or scaling a mastodon.

Along the way, kids ages 5 to 12 and 2 to 5 can experience the warmth and texture of natural bamboo, polycarbonate panels that offer colorful light play, and pathways that morph into hangout spots where friends can relax.

Hedra offers multiple entry points and is ADA-compliant. It has an optional stainless steel slide

For children ages 2 to 5, Hedra Scout introduces young players to the benefits of dynamic play.  It also offers multiple entry points and is ADA-compliant.

Find out more the Hedra here.

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