Residents’ Willingness to Open Their Wallets Leads to High Ranking of Bucks County Generosity

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Image via Katt Yukawa at Unsplash.
A SmartAsset study reveals the generosity factor in Pennsylvania.

SmartAsset’s statewide analysis of Pennsylvanians’ willingness to support individuals, charities, and causes yielded notable evidence of Bucks County’s general generosity.

The SmartAsset methodology used tax-return data to compare, by geography, the dollar amounts residents donated as a percentage of net income.

It then calculated a county-by-county tally of people who routinely open their wallets to others.

That result — a “charitable index” — became the measure for the ranking.

Bucks County landed in the fourth most-generous locale in Pa. Its charitable county index of 37.01 placed it ahead of Lancaster County (27.10), Philadelphia County (24.22), and Centre County (23.91).

Drilling down, the statistics showed Bucks County residents donating 1.09 percent of their incomes to others. Of the county’s individual tax returns, 13.05 percent itemized charitable contributions.

In the wider view, Chester County emerged as most generous in the state, with a charitable index of 44.65; neighboring Montgomery County was next (43.20); Delaware County ranked third (37.28).

More detail on the statistics indicating Bucks County generosity is available at SmartAsset.