New York Times: Dutch Springs, Local Diving Mecca, Remains Filled with Water and Hope — For Now

masked man in wet suit
Image via Open Water Diver at Creative Commons.
News of the sale of the Dutch Springs diving site brings many fan memories to the surface.

The new owners of Dutch Springs, Dallas-based Trammel Crow Company, continues to assert the property’s eventual transformation into a warehouse farm. But they also indicate at least some intent to retain its recreational/educational purpose. As plans continue to gel, the diving community sifts through its deep connections to the site, as reported by Michael Turk and Aiden Gardiner, of The New York Times.

When second-generation diving instructor Pat McLaughlin heard of the sale, his thoughts immediately turned to his father. The senior McLaughlin spent so much time with his family there, he deigned that his ashes be scattered by the former quarry.

The family agreed.

But now, with future of the park still questionable, McLaughlin finds himself questioning long-term access to the water: “Where’s mom going to go?” he wonders, considering how his family will continue to connect.

“All of our memories are basically around Dutch Springs,” said McLaughlin. “It feels like home.”

Representatives for the warehouse developer said they are in talks with local officials and other groups about lake access.

But plans remain murky.

More on Dutch Springs is at The New York Times.

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