Bucks County Restaurants: If Turkey Prep Plucks Your Nerves, Leave the Cooking to a Pro

plated dessert with fork
Image via Ben at Creative Commons.
Several Bucks County restaurants are open for Thanksgiving.

If your Thanksgiving guest list unexpectedly swelled over the weekend, or you just find you’re not up to all the labor, take heart. Plenty of Bucks County restaurants can still accommodate you, according to this listing from the Bucks County Courier Times:

  • River House at Odette’s, New Hope. The expected turkey is on the menu, augmented by other dishes like king salmon.
  • King George II Inn, Bristol. The feast here can include lobster bisque that you’ll be thankful for.
  • Black Bass Hotel, Lumberville. Its four-course feast includes butternut squash and numerous desserts.
  • Rocco’s at the Brick, Newtown. Do you find fowl foul? Rocco’s will serve up a delectable Thanksgiving Delmonico steak.
  • Cock ‘n Bull, Lahaska. Its holiday buffet ensures that every guest can customize his or her platter.
  • Washington Crossing Inn, Upper Makefield. The setting is historical, but the cooking techniques — deep-fried turkey! — are modern day.

More on Bucks County restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner (including links and phone numbers) is at the Bucks County Courier Times.