Havertown Man Bringing British Golf Brand Back, With a Link to 007

Gavin Perrett holds up a Penfold golf ball.
Image via Thomas Hengge, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Gavin Perrett holds up a Penfold golf ball.

A Havetown man who grew up in Britain hopes the newest James Bond movie will revive interest in the British golf brand Penfold, featured in the Bond classic, Goldfinger, writes Kevin Riordan for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The relaunch of the Penfold brand is being talked up by Gavin Perrett, CEO of Penfold Golf Limited.

 “We are an official partner of the 007 franchise for golf products,” said Perrett.

The “Penfold-007 Collection” of golf balls, tees, towels, and markers will be available in November.

Gavin Perrett was a squash pro who always wanted to have his own brand.

Perrett wrote to Penfold’s owner Paul Silk eight years ago suggesting product offerings were not up to the standards of the illustrious Penfold name.

Silk gave Perrett a chance to license the golf product brand. Now Perrett heads up the U.S. and European markets for Penfold.

Perrett said the relaunch of the brand started in his attic in January 2020.

 “The golf balls were still being manufactured, and I put $1,000 into [creating or branding] hats and golf tees and other bits and pieces. I set up the direct-to-consumer sales site, got the word out, and started telling the Penfold story,” he said.

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