PA Tourism Office: Bowman’s Hill Tower in Washington Crossing Is a Place You Can’t Leaf Alone for Fall Foliage

Bowman's Hill Tower
Image via RCHeliCam at YouTube.
Bowman's Hill Tower.

With the earlier sunsets and cooling temperatures, the lush greenery of the Pennsylvania woodlands is about to be transformed into an array of spectacular autumnal colors. The Happy Traveler, the visitPA travel publication, recommends Bowman’s Hill Tower as a best-in-state site for enjoying this annual display.

Bowman’s Hill Tower is a 125-foot-tall outlook in Washington Crossing Historic Park. It provides a vantage point to take in 14 miles of multicolor fall vistas, including much of the Delaware River.

Although not Revolutionary War-era (it was built in the late 1920s or early 1930s), Bowman’s Hill Tower may sit on one of several observation points General Washington used in preparation for the Continental Army’s December 1776 surprise crossing.

The tower was restored in the 1980s, when an elevator was added. For those wanting a cardio workout, however, a spiral staircase fits the bill.

visitPA recommends late October for prime viewing.

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