New Hope Photographer Oscar Mikols Turns Standard Real Estate Photography into Something Artful


The current real estate boom in Bucks County is not only good for realtors and banks. The meteoric rise of the market also means brisk business for a local photographer. Chrysa Smith developed his story for Bucks County Magazine.

Oscar Mikols’ interest in photography started with a boyhood fascination with cameras. As a teen, his mother owned a Perkasie café, and, on a whim, Mikols shot some menu items for her.

By 2007, that interest evolved into a business: OM Media.

Although Mikols’ eye has captured subjects ranging from food to fine art, his work with home interiors and exteriors solidified his reputation. He made a name for himself with an innate ability to shoot for-sale properties — producing both stills and video — and make them especially appealing.

“Anyone can pick up a camera,” Mikols says, “but I try to tell a story.”

Perhaps most notable is that Mikols is self-taught. He apprenticed under no one. Nor did he have any formal education in the art. He was a business major, and his marketing training informs his real estate shoots.

The breakneck speed at which real estate is selling locally has him hopping.

“Our business has exploded in the past year or so,” Miklos said. “Everyone is trying to sell their home for top dollar. The best way to do that is by having an extremely good online presentation of photos.”

More on the career of Oscar Miklos is at Bucks County Magazine.