CenTrak, Newtown, Expands Real-Time Tracking Capability, Bolstering Its ‘GPS for Hospitals’

CenTrak location technology
Image via CenTrak.

CenTrak — the Newtown-based provider of locating, sensing, and security solutions for the healthcare industry — has incorporated a cloud-based data platform into its product line. The integration of Cisco DNA Spaces’ next-gen indoor location platform will boost CenTrak’s data collection and analytic capabilities.

The CenTrak Location and Sensing Services app is a real-time locator system (RTLS). It provides tracking and management capabilities for medical equipment, staff, and patients within all care environments.

It has been described as an indoor GPS for hospitals.

The technology monitors tags attached to equipment and badges worn by staff and patients. It has the power to locate items on a specific wing or floor of a hospital. At its most precise, it can pinpoint an item to a specific shelf or a patient to his or her exact bed.

“CenTrak’s mission is to transform healthcare by delivering real-time operational insights,” said Mark Leszczynski, vice president of product management.

“Healthcare leaders are seeking technology partners with scalable, low-cost solutions that are easy to deploy and don’t require a hardware overhaul,” he continued. “Our partnership with Cisco DNA Spaces enables existing CenTrak customers to migrate to Cisco’s cloud format and allows more healthcare facilities to take full advantage of RTLS using a system they already have in place.”