Career Corner: The Wall Street Journal Describes New Career Positions Colleges May Create to Meet Evolving Student Needs

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With technology and culture constantly in flux, the jobs that are in demand are always changing. Sometimes you might not even realize that an area you specialize in is becoming desirable in a sector. That’s especially true for colleges and universities, where the needs of the modern student continually shift.

Benoit Morenne delves into this for the Wall Street Journal, outlining several careers that have become coveted by higher education institutions. Even if you didn’t see yourself working in education, these job openings might prompt you to reconsider.

Emotional Wellness Workers

Young people already struggle far more with issues like anxiety and depression than previously thought, but the pandemic has only exacerbated that. While everyone is stressed from Covid, students under lockdown restrictions have had little outlet for their stress from classes.

Joining clubs, networking, and just partying are all part of balancing out the huge stress of juggling classes and striving for good grades.

Having more people on hand who understand this and can assist with students struggling with overwhelming emotions could be the difference between an emotional breakdown for some students.

Cultural Specialists

The more time goes by, the more we are seeing prominent people in marginalized communities espouse their frustration about systems that don’t take them into consideration. As a hub of learning, colleges need to grow more aware of this facet of their students and take steps to prepare for it.

It is expected in the coming years that it will be far more common for schools to have staff members who specialize in analyzing the curriculum for its accessibility to students of all backgrounds. Adapting tools and learning materials for students in all their diversity will be a major focus going forward.

Digital Anti-Cheating Experts

Though it’s the students who come to learn at college, the young adults are often far more advanced in terms of technology than their instructors. And with virtual learning, professors might not even fathom some of the ways their students are practicing academic dishonesty—whether it’s deliberate or inadvertent cheating.

Good candidates for this role need to not only understand the mindset behind what drives cheating but also be tech-savvy enough to understand the methods students are using. A quick Google search of a suspicious phrase won’t cut it anymore.

You don’t need to be an instructor to bring value to a college. If you are open to utilizing your skills where they are needed, you can find the perfect job where you least expect it.

To read about what other education jobs are likely to be common in the years to come, read the Wall Street Journal’s article here.


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