Norristown Clothing Manufacturer Sews Up a Great Deal of International Clout

USA camber shirts at totem in philly
Image via Steven Falk, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
CAMBER USA shirts at sold at Totem in Philadelphia.
CAMBER USA Norristown jersey.
Image via CAMBER USA.

Camber USA, a small Norristown clothing manufacturer that takes pride in its products’ American-made status, has gained significant international clout among menswear enthusiasts, despite mostly staying out of the spotlight. Zoe Rosenberg covered the clothier for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The independent apparel maker has, however, been slowly losing some of its anonymity, especially after The Wall Street Journal recently pondered if the company makes the best hoodies in the world.

Now, those in the Philadelphia region hoping to get their hands on one of Camber USA’s heavyweight jerseys are probably out of luck.

The products are notoriously hard to get, which only adds to the Camber allure.

Most of the products are sold abroad. Nearly 50 percent of the annual sales come just from Japan.

One of the reasons might be the price tag: Camber’s cross-knit pullover hooded sweatshirt sells for $75.95.

The longevity of the company’s products, however, makes the price well worth it to some consumers. “They can take a real beating before having to be replaced,” said Anthony Lee, a Liverpool-based content creator. He added that he appreciates the quality of U.S.-made garments, citing that the point of origin “…gives you some kind of quality guarantee.”

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