Vaccinated Bucks County Residents: The Next Mask You’ll Be Required to Wear Will Be at a Halloween Party

Bucks County eases mask requirements for vaccinated residents
Image via cottonbro at Pexels.

The Centers for Disease Control has relaxed mask requirements for citizens who are fully vaccinated. Dr. David Damsker, Bucks County health director, agrees with the rollback, reported Tom Sofield for Levittown Now

Dr. Damsker called the CDC announcement a “big move” toward the normalcy that Bucks County officials, businesses and citizens have craved for more than a year. 

He also hopes the CDC move encourages citizens who might be on the fence about getting a vaccine to move forward with it. 

“There’s a segment of people who ask: ‘What’s the point of being vaccinated if I need to wear a mask?’” he said. “This ends that.” 

Dr. Damsker did remind those just finishing their vaccine routine that a two-week waiting period is needed before dropping precautions.  

Bucks County Commissioner Bob Harvie said, “We’ve gone through a terrible time these past 15 months and there were days when we thought it would never end. It still isn’t over, but we are moving in the right direction.” 

More on this local abatement of COVID-19 safety measures is at Levittown Now

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