Warminster Body Shop Polishes its Image with a #1 Ranking on Classic Car Restoration List


Warminster Body Shop Polishes its Image with a #1 Ranking on Classic Car Restoration List 

HotCars.com celebrates the Buick Gran Sport, listing one restored by a Bucks County body shop as its premier example of a muscle car makeover. 

The years 1960-1970 mark the era of the muscle car, those souped-up, super-cool, roaring, glistening machines that were equally as slick on city streets or drag strips. 

A 1969 Buick Gran Sport nabbed a #1 spot on the website’s list of revived beauties. Its resurrection work was done by Nick Serwo of Ivyland Collision and Restoration in Warminster, who brought it from “deteriorated” to dazzling. 

Combining speed and chic, muscle cars poured out of Detroit from just about every manufacturer in the automotive industry. Their heyday started to decline in the 1970s with the steep and sudden rise of gasoline prices. 

Since then, restoration of these beauties at the hands of serious collectors has saved them from the auto graveyards. 

A full look at HotCars’ top-ten Buick Gran Sports is available here

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